Clean Sweep of Dalton


Maintain a Positive Perception.

Welcome to Clean Sweep of Dalton, GA. We are the leading commercial street cleaning and roadway sweeping company in the region. Whether you are a city planner, a construction company supervisor or retail manager, we have a solution for you.

Reasons to Reduce Street Runoff

Since 1984, Clean Sweep of Dalton has worked with everyone from office managers to entire cities to develop ways to improve brand images and reduce street runoff. Runoff leads to a decline in water quality for properties, communities, and cities. Urban runoff contains pollutants and toxins including vehicle emissions, roadkill, and waste products.

When runoff breaks down, the compounds and byproducts are reabsorbed into the ecosystem. Removing this harmful material is vital to keeping it out of the soil and in waterways. This is where street sweeping serves the greatest benefit for communities and cities alike.

Choosing the Best Street Sweeping Company

We take pride in being the best street sweeping company in northern Georgia. Our roadway sweeping, parking lot sweeping and industrial cleaning services ensure businesses are able to meet regulatory standards.

In addition, we regularly work with municipalities to provide cleaning services including graffiti removal, large debris removal, and post-storm cleanup. Contact Clean Sweep of Dalton today at 423-877-9192 for additional information.